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A Handwritten Howe-Salyers Family Chronology, Part One: 1790-1883

I've struck genealogy/family history gold!
I found Sarah Eva Howe's handwritten, year-by-year account of births, deaths, and marriages in her own Howe family and the Salyers family into which she married. The 11 pages are in one of the scrapbooks Sarah compiled after her marriage, when she was recording family history for her four

From previous posts, you know that Sarah fell in love with family history when she was a child. She paid attention when her Cost and Howe parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins told stories. She watched as events were recorded in the family Bibles. She wrote themes about her family. She collected photos. She became the family historian every family longs to have.

Among the many names and dates, I've spotted some surprises and a few discrepancies that I want to sort out. In the meantime, here is my transcription of the first 93 years of Sarah's written chronology – 1790 to 1883, the year Sarah was born. She wrote in short phrases with explanations stuck here and there as she thought of them. Some years are out of sequence. I can picture her writing this history, suddenly remembering a birth that occurred in 1859 after she had already listed events that happened in the 1860s.

Within the transcript, parentheses are original to Sarah's handwriting. Brackets contain my own comments and clarifications. I've linked some names to previous posts about Sarah's ancestors. In several cases, links are duplicated because names are listed in the chronology more than once.

Chronology of Our Family, General
[On the first page is this tantalizing notation: "1682-1799 Lamson-Freeman dates not included 
as they are complete elsewhere." You can bet I'll be digging around to find that!]

1790(?)  Salyers – grandfather of D.H. Salyers 1st came to Kentucky with small son.

1790   Howe-Brown
Both families were living in “5-mile town.” We have a Bible dated 1790, property of Mrs. Brown, mother (or grandmother) of Sarah Brown Howe who came to Kentucky in 1847 (my grandmother) with her husband John and small son Will.

1772   Cost
Daniel Cost, [2 overwritten with a 4, or vice versa] years old, was left an orphan when parents were killed by Indians in Maryland, he was “bound out” to Major Beyer, who raised him as a son (of Philadelphia).

1800   Daniel Cost was married to Mary Fisher at home of Major Beyer (now in Maryland).

1811    Arnet – Grandpa David Arnet born in Albany, NY

1812    Cost – Grandpa Henry Cost born (in Maryland)

1817    Benjamin Lamson & Abigail Freeman married in Ohio on way to Indiana (both born in 1790s).

I have based all these dates on the year of death which I remember and the age at death, but perhaps they had not reached birthday. [Indeed, some of the years Sarah listed based on what she knew about birth dates and ages are a year or two off.]

1806(?)   Elisabeth Voris born Elizabeth(?), NJ.
1813(?)   Mary Arison [ditto mark = born] Lancaster County, Pa., of Quaker parents, came to Ohio (about) 1821.

1820(?)   David Hillis Salyers born to boy (name unknown) who came over from Va. with father in 1790 (his mother's and grandmother's name unknown to us)

1821    Howe – John Howe born at “5-mile town” C. Fermanagh Ireland

1823    Brown
Sarah Brown born, at same place as above. Her mother’s name was McKean and relatives of that name were already in America in the 1700s. Malsy[?] have her grandfather’s Bible (about 1800).

1829   King James Guthrie King (father’s name Daniel, mother’s was Guthrie We have further data elsewhere)

1825(?)  Amelia Lamson born at Craig Indiana (married D H Salyers)

1830     Father of D.H. Salyers died suddenly (in Indiana)

1831     Cost – Richard Henry, born Cincinnati

1835      David Arnet and Elizabeth Voris married in New Jersey.

1837      [7 is written over 8] Sarah Eva Arnet born (m. R H Cost)

1836(?)    Mary Mayfield born (m James King) (her mother’s name was Wood)

1846(?)    David Hillis Salyers, Amelia Lamson married (Ind[iana])

1845        John Howe and Sarah Brown married in Ireland

1847        They came to America to Flemingsburg Ky. with William Ficklin 2 months         old (first) son

1849        Charles David Salyers born on fathers plantation near Greenville, Miss.

1848        Margaret Elizabeth born to John and Sarah Howe

1851        Abigail born to David H and Amelia Salyers

1853        John Irvine, born to John and Sarah Howe

1855        Robert James [ditto marks under John and Sarah Howe]

1855        Thomas Deveraux born to DH & Amelia Salyers

1857        Katherine born to James Guthrie Salyers and Molly King

1855        James King and Molly Mayfield married (near Bedford)

1860        D H Salyers family settle in Carrollton

1856        Richard Cost and Sarah Eva Arnet married (Willie, first son born 1854 died ’58)

1857       Joseph Brown Howe born near Champaign Ill.

1859       Alice Ada Cost born to Richard Cost and Sarah Arnet (Dec.)

1860      [6 is written over a 5] George Thompson Howe born to John and Sarah Howe

1862     Sarah Varina born to [ditto marks under John and Sarah Howe]

1861?)   Jessie Fremont born to Richard and Sarah Cost

1859     Nancy [ditto marks under born to] James and Molly King

1859     John Howe & family settle in Carrollton

1866(?)  Josephine [ditto marks under born to] James and Molly King
             Naomi [ditto marks under born to] Richard & Sarah Cost

1869      Mary [ditto marks under born to Richard & Sarah Cost]

1859(?)   William Levi born to D H & Amelia

1864?    Ruth Salyers [ditto marks under born to D H & Amelia Salyers]

1861?    Rudolph Ferdinand [ditto marks under born to D H & Amelia Salyers]

1869     D. H. Salyers goes to Arkansas
            Elizabeth Howe dies at 21

1873    Wm F. Howe married Louise Winslow [in] Carrollton

1874    Charles D. Salyers married Katharine King

1874     David H. Salyers dies in Arkansas

1876    [Brothers] John [Irvin] and Robert Howe go to Europe for 9 month trip

1877    Sarah Brown Howe dies

1877    Lillie (Margaret Elizabeth) born to Wm. and Lou Winslow Howe

1875    Charles born to CD and Katharine Salyers (lived one day)

1876    James [ditto marks under born to CD and Katharine Salyers] lived five months

1878    William Levi, 3rd son born to [ditto marks under born to CD and Katharine Salyers]

1878(?)  Henry Cost dies in Cincinnati

1877     T.D. Salyers married to Miss Knox of Vevay, Ind.

1879    Louise born to T[homas] D. Salyers & wife

1879    John J. Howe born to Wm & Lou Howe (Nov.
same night as

1879    John Howe senior marries Jane Bell widow (from Cincinnati) with one (living)     daughter Katharine

1878    John I[rvine] Howe marries Lucy Froman (of Ghent)

1879    Lucy, wife of John I. Howe, dies by accidental drowning with unborn child (in     Covington)

1880    Robert King Salyers born to CD & Kate Salyers

1881    John I. Howe marries Miss Emily Bender Lynn, of Covington

1881    George Thompson Howe dies of tuberculosis in Colorado

1881    Alice Ada Cost meets Robert Howe at St. Paul’s Church (Methodist)

1878 or 79    John I. & Robert J. sent by father [John Howe]to Cincinnati to establish branch to sell products of woolen mills

1882    March 25, Alice Cost and Robert Howe become engaged, married 11th October     (same year)

1883    Sarah Eva Howe born to Alice at Walnut Hills, Cincinnati Aug. 10

Sarah's chronology can be a little confusing because it blends events from her birth family and her husband's family. I'm grateful to have found it after I gathered much of the genealogy and vital records for both sides. The information I already knew made it easier to follow Sarah's notes.

Coming in the next post: Howe-Salyers Chronology Part 2, from 1883 to 1915, plus some additional "forgotten" earlier years and a few notes about Sarah's grandchildren born in the 1940s.

Second Page of Sarah Eva Howe's Family Chronology

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