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So many great blogs, so little time to read them. Here are the genealogy and family history blogs on my own priority list. If you have favorites, please share them with me.

Blogs by Friends and Followers
I've known some of these bloggers for a while. The desire to start my own blog led me to the rest – mostly through the We Are Genealogy Bloggers page on Facebook. All have held my hand and offered great feedback and advice. Thanks to all of you – listed here in alphabetical order by blogger's surname.

A Genealogist In The Archives – Melissa Barker
Brotmanblog: A Family Journey – Amy B. Cohen
Genealogy – This, That, Tother – Linda Colston
Journeys Past – Cheri Daniels 
Family History Fun – Susan Donaldson
Michigan Family Trails – Diane Gould Hall
Are My Roots Showing? – Jenny Lanctot
Jollett Etc. – Wendy Mathias
Nutfield Genealogy – Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Olive Tree Genealogy – Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Empty Branches on the Family Tree – Linda Stufflebean
A Southern Sleuth – Michelle Ganus Taggart
For Christ's Crown and Covenant! – Angela Wittman

. . .  and more to come. Watch this space!

Blogs by Bloggers in the Business of Blogging
I have met a few of these professional genealogists and bloggers in person. (By the way, a few on the "friends" list also belong on this list.) I have chatted with many online. All have become indispensable resources in my search for my ancestors and their stories. I list them here alphabetically by blog title.

The Accidental Genealogist – Lisa Alzo
"For genealogists who like to write, and writers who happen to be genealogists!"

Boston 1775 – J.L. Bell
The process of applying for membership in DAR encouraged me to learn more about the American Revolution. This blog continues to be a resource for details about New England of that era.

Dear Myrtle – Pat Richley-Erickson
Isn't this blog on everybody's list?

Digital North Carolina Blog – staff of the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center
I have North Carolina ancestors on both maternal and paternal sides, so I visit this blog often.

Geneabloggers – Thomas MacEntee
An online community for bloggers and blog readers; daily blogging prompts, resources, a link to technical help, resources, a list of 3,000+ blogs, and more

GenealogyBlog – Leland Meitzler, Joe Edmon, and others
Articles and links for staying informed about new and new-to-you resources

Genea-Musings – Randy Seaver
Genealogy research tips and techniques, news items and commentary, genealogy humor, etc.

The Ancestry Insider 
Insight into one of the major go-to genealogy websites; lots of how-to tips and strategies

GeneaWebinars – Set up by DearMYRTLE and updated by event hosts
One-stop shopping for genealogy-related online meetings, classes, seminars, and webinars

The Genetic Genealolgist – Blaine Bettinger
Yes, I've DNA-tested myself and family members. Now what?

Kentucky Ancestors Online – Kentucky Historical Society
If you have ties to the Bluegrass State, or you just like history, this is a blog for you! Feature articles plus how-to posts about using KHS research materials and resources.

The Legal Genealogist – Judy G. Russell
The perfect resource for finding info about the laws under which our ancestors lived – and the laws that we researchers and writers need to be following today.

The Practical Archivist – Sally Jacobs
A good site for keeping up with the latest in archival materials and practices

Vita Brevis – New England Historic Genealogical Society
Coming soon to my blog: A full report on Sarah Eva Howe's husband's direct line to the Mayflower. How New England can you get?

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