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A Handwritten Howe-Salyers Family Chronology, Part Three: A Narrative

Today, the third and final installment of Sarah Eva Howe's handwritten chronology of events in her Howe family and her husband's Salyers family.
Part One (published 8 January 2017) started in 1790 with the Salyers line arriving in Kentucky and the Howes still living in County Fermanagh, Ireland. It ended with Sarah's birth in 1883.
Part Two (published 12 January 2017) covered 1833 through the 1930s.
Part Three is what I think may have been the beginning of a do-over, a narrative version of events from 1882 to 1944. While it is short and repeats dates and names, it provides important details missing from Part One and Part Two.

As before . . .
  • Dates are not always in chronological sequence.
  • Parentheses are original to the handwritten chronology. Brackets enclose my own clarifications, identifications, and comments. 
  • Links go to previous posts that mention or feature those ancestors or events.
Chronology of Howe Family, Part Three

1882   Robert James Howe [and] Alice Cost Howe married Oct. 11 at 516 W. Court St. (home of Richard and S.E. Arnet Cost) by Dr. Joyce (afterwards bishop). After wedding trip ending with reception at Carrollton, they lived in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, at home of Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, on Oak St.

1883   August – Sarah Eva [Howe] was born at this place.

1883   April – Katherine Salyers died, mother of William Levi and Robert King [Salyers], 4 and 12 years old – wife of Charles David Salyers

1884   (winter) family of R[obert] J Howe moved to Carrollton, lived there a year, during which time Sallie [Sarah Eva Howe] was baptised. Going back to Cincinnati early in 1885, after trip to Niagra Falls, they stayed for several months at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson on Price Hill, then moved to Price Avenue home where in the summer of 1886 both Robert and Sallie had typhoid fever. In 1887 came trips to Lake [word unreadable] where Sallie’s fourth birthday was spent by the lake (Erie). In the winter and spring of that same year Sallie [Sarah Evan Howe] had scarlet fever, a bad case. In April 1888 Chandler [Sarah's brother] was born, named for a friend of the family, Chandler Harper.

1887   Charles D. Salyers married again to Flora Geier.

1889   Chandler died of pneumonia, in also that summer Sallie was bitten badly on arm by a neighbor’s dog.

1890   John Howe died, family of R[obert] J Howe moved again to Carrollton, where Howe Bros. was formed.

1890   Sallie started to school at Carrollton.

1896   Leonora Alice [Sarah's sister] was born.

1897-98 August   Robert King Salyers [brother of Sarah's future husband] died after an operation for appendicitis.

1896   [last number overwritten and hard to decipher] Sallie is noticed by W[illiam] L[evi] S[alyers] by first time (when treated to soda [word illegible] at drug store – and later when he used to fix her wheel).

189[ditto mark – no entry after the date]

1900   Grandma Jane Howe dies [Jane Hopkins Bell, second wife of Sarah's grandfather John Howe, the Irish immigrant]

1903   (March 27) Will[iam] Salyers and Sallie Howe have first date

1905   (Dec 14) marriage [of Will and Sarah] at Howe home near the church (by Rev. M. T. Chandler, Methodist pastor)

1907   Robert King Salyers II born [named for his father Will's brother, who died in 1898]

Mary Alice and James Richard and born [Sarah and Will's first set of twins]

1915   David Hillis, John Howe born [Sarah and Will's second set of twins; John was stillborn or died shortly after birth]

1910   Robert Howe [Sarah's father] dies

1926  Charles Salyers [Will's father] dies

1939   Alice Howe [Sarah's mother] dies

1944   W. L. Salyers [Sarah's husband] dies

Marriages of family later than 1905
Mary Alice Salyers m Richard Allen Hays Lexington June 17, 1939
James Richard Salyers m Lee Rose Pope May 17, 1941 Cumberland Falls
Robert K. Salyers m Loretta Smith June 6, 1941, 4th Ave. [Methodist] Church, Louisville
David Hillis Salyers m Eurelia Mayhew Kennedy, Baltimore Red Cross Chapel July 24, 1943
Leonora Alice Howe m Charles Theodore Kipping Aug. 14, 1943, Carrollton Church (Meth.)

Sarah also listed the births of five grandchildren. Four of them are living, so for the sake of their privacy I will not list them here. The first was born 1942, the fifth in 1945. A sixth grandchild was born in 1951, and I anticipate finding an announcement of her birth in a later scrapbook.

So ends Sarah's Howe-Salyers family chronology. Several readers have commented on the first two posts, telling me how lucky our family is to have such a record in an ancestor's own hand. Believe me, we treasure it. One person commented that this record might prompt all of us to write a family chronology for our descendants to find. What a great idea!

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