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A Handwritten Howe-Salyers Family Chronology, Part Two: 1883 to 1920s & '30s, With One Jump to 1944

Today we continue with Sarah Eva Howe's handwritten chronology of events in her Howe family and her husband's Salyers family. Part 1 (published 8 January 2017) started in 1790 with the Salyers line arriving in Kentucky and the Howes still living in County Fermanagh, Ireland. It ended with Sarah's birth in 1883.

Here in Part 2, we revisit 1883, also the birth year of Sarah's beloved cousin Jenne, and continue to the 1930s, including the birth of her five children, including two sets of twins. There is one entry for 1944, the death of Sarah's husband, William Levi Salyers.

As before . . .
  • Dates are not in chronological sequence. Sarah apparently wrote dates and events as they came to mind. Notice her two references to "going back."
  • Parentheses are original to the handwritten chronology. Brackets enclose my own clarifications, identifications, and comments. 
  • Links go to previous posts that mention or feature those ancestors or events.

[Chronology of Our Family, Part Two]

1883    Jenne Winslow Howe born to Wm and Lou Howe

1883    April, Katharine King Salyers [mother of William Levi, Sarah's future husband]  dies, in Carrollton

1880    [zero written over a 2] Ruth Salyers Jr. [?] born to T[homas] D. Salyers and wife [Thomas was an uncle to Sarah's future husband]

1883    October, Josie King and Will Fisher married [Relatives on Sarah's husband's line]

1884    Sarah Howe [Sarah's aunt] married to Hiram McMakin Froman [Note: I have also seen references to this man as Herman M. "Mack" Froman.]

1885    Robert Hiram Froman born to above

(Going Back a Little)
1874     Lee, or Lenora, [Sarah's "Aunt Lee"] born to Richard and Sarah Evelyn Cost           
1877    (Sept.) Richard Henry Jr. [born to Richard and Sarah Evelyn Cost]

1880     (Jan.) Morris Elliott Cost [born to Richard and Sarah Evelyn Cost]   

1882      Wife of T.D. Salyers dies

1883      Little Katharine born to C[harles] D & Kate Salyers, lived 1 month

1884     T.D. Salyers married Miss Hanks

1887     Charles D. Salyers married Flora Geier

1885     Beverly Winslow Howe born to Wm & Lou W. Howe

1888    April - Chandler Harper Howe (only son) born to R[obert] J. and Alice Howe in Cincinnati 

1889    Nov.  C[handler] H[arper] H[owe] died, at 19 months, [ditto mark under Cincinnati]

going back

1877   Charles Theodore Kipping born to Fred and Julia Kipping (cousins of Flora Geier)      in Carrollton (afterwards husband of Leonora Howe)

1888    Amelia [Haskell] Salyers dies [grandmother of Sarah's future husband]

1889    Katharine born to William and Josie Fisher

1889    Ida Ruth born to Wm Levi [uncle to Sarah's future husband of the same name] and Sue Giltner Salyers (married 1886?)

1889    Katharine (Katie) Bell marries John Morgan Smith, June

1889    Sarah Goslee married Joseph B. Howe [also see his extensive obituary]

1890    (Jan.) John Howe [
the Irish immigrant; Sarah's paternal grandfather] dies

1890    March, R[obert] J. Howe and family move to Carrollton – Howe Bros. formed with R[obert] J. & J[oseph] B. Howe, W[illiam] F. Howe in charge of mills

1890    Ruth Louise born to W.F. & Lou W. Howe, July. 1915- married Henry Schuerman Jr.  [Ruth and Henry's] Daughter Wilhehmina born 1916.

1891    John Irvine Howe died.

1891    Caby Varena born to Wm. and Sarah V [Howe] Froman

1889 or 1890    Mary Arison Cost [Sarah Eva Howe's paternal great-grandmother] dies, Cincinnati

1890    Elizabeth Voris Arnet [Sarah Eva Howe's maternal great-grandmother] dies

1892    David Arnet [Sarah Eva Howe's maternal great-grandfather] dies

1893     Elizabeth Howe Froman born to H[iram] M[cMakin] and Sarah Howe Froman.

1892    James Goslee born to Jos. B. and "Sallie" Howe (one son born previously died at birth)

1896    Dec., Leonora Alice [Sarah Eva Howe's sister] born to Robert J. and Alice Howe

1898    Robert King Salyers [brother of Sarah's future husband] died

1899    George Thompson Howe born to Jos[eph] & Sallie [Goslee] Howe

1900    Mrs. Jane Bell Howe dies

1921    Flora [Geier] Salyers [died]

1910     R[ichard] H[enry] Cost [Sarah's maternal grandfather] died

1917    S[arah] E[valine] Arnet Cost [Sarah's maternal grandmother] [ditto marks under died]
1910    Robert [James] Howe [Sarah's father] dies

1926    Charles D. Salyers [Sarah's father-in-law] dies
1939     Alice Howe [Sarah's mother] [dies]

1944     W[illiam] L[evi] Salyers [Sarah's husband] dies

1905    William Salyers and Sarah Howe married

1907    Robert King Salyers [Sarah's first-born child] born to above

1910    James Richard & Mary Alice [Sarah's twins] born to above

1915    David Hillis Salyers Jr. (and brother) [Sarah's second set of twins] born. [The twin brother, named John, was stillborn or died shortly after birth. “Jr.” was actually “II,” as David was named for his great-grandfather.]

The next post will be the third and final part of Sarah's chronology. After listing all of these dates and names, Sarah started a narrative section. It is short but provides more detail about some family history, including the births of more recent family – her grandchildren.

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