Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Lost Is Found! The Story of Carrollton Schools Continues

 On October 27, 2016, I posted a "Bits & Pieces" item that included a newspaper article about the history of Carrollton (Kentucky) High School. In that post, I said I had not been able to find the continuation of the newspaper article. 

Wouldn't you know it? The next day, on a loose page from Sarah's scrapbooks, I found the continuation of that article. I hope you can enlarge the image below to a readable size. That earlier post leads into this one – and explains those strange red and black crayon marks.

While the first part of the newspaper article is mainly about the 1880s and '90s (which is when our scrapbooker Sarah Eva Howe attended school in Carrollton), this part moves into the early 1900s. Included are the names of teachers and administrators at all grade levels in the schools. 

While you can read them in the scanned article, I've transcribed them here for the sake of those doing online searches for their ancestors.

  • G. H. Wells, superintendent
  • C. F. Dunn, principal
  • Mae C. Wetherill, instructor
  • Carrie B. Moreland, 8th grade
  • Cora M. Banta, 7th grade
  • Mrs. E. J. Seppenfield, 6th grade
  • Josephine Larafelet (?), 4th grade
  • Ruth Salyers, 3rd grade
  • Charlotte Roberts, 2nd grade
  • Ethel M. Mellican, 1st grade

  • W. F. O'Donnell, superintendent
  • J. H. Way, principal
  • Mae C. Wetherill, instructor
  • Emma Julia Kipping, 8th grade
  • Nannie Lavelle, 7th grade
  • Mrs. E. J. Seppenfield, 6th grade
  • Anna Shepherd, 5th grade
  • Ruth Salyers, 4th grade
  • Cora M. Banta, 3rd grade
  • Dorothy Adkinson, 2nd grade
  • Clara Logeman, 1st grade
  • Maude Johnson, 1st grade
W. F. O'Donnel, superintendent
J. H. Way, principal
Mae C. Wetherill, English and History

Teachers listed were the same as in 1913-1914 except Mariam Tompkins replaced Emma Julia Kipping

Marion C. Beecher and Lillie Mae Powers are added to the list, and  Mae C. Wetherill, Emma Julia Kipping, and Dorothy Adkinson are not included.

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