Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bits & Pieces: Who Are These People? A Few Mystery Photos from Sarah's Scrapbooks

Our scrapbooker Sarah Eva Howe saved many photos in her scrapbooks. Unfortunately, she didn't label all of them.

Because of their placement in one of the earliest scrapbooks, I think these people are either members or friends of Sarah's Cost ancestors, who lived in Cincinnati. I can't know for sure, but maybe someone out there can identify them.

"Tallie Ebbie"


Jones? Or Ames? He may or may not be a Methodist minister.

A Sweet Little Girl

 Mystery Woman #1

Mystery Woman #2

Two men posing in the same style as Sarah's father, Robert James Howe. The post dated August 11, 2016, speculates on the location and situation.

 Four young women, all dressed in white. Debutantes ready for their cotillion? Sisters? Cousins?

 Last but not least, another image of women. This time we have names. Isabel Somerset is on the left. Frances E. Willard is on the right.The name of the woman in the center is not so easy to decipher. Martha? Matilda? Then middle initial B. What's  your best guess for her surname?

While having the names is good, I still have no understanding of their connection with Sarah's family or why this picture was saved in a Cost-Howe family scrapbook.

If these faces match any in your own family albums, please help me solve the mysteries.

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ScotSue said...

It is so frustrating when photographs are not identified, and I hope you manage to find out who the people are,. My favourite the "sweet little girl" with the huge eyes.