Saturday, March 31, 2018

These 16 Antique and Vintage Cards, Ranging in Theme from Sacred to Whimsical, Wish You and Yours a Happy Easter

Sarah Eva Howe Salyers of Carrollton, Kentucky, saved these cards in scrapbooks during the years her four children were growing up. Based on the occasional postmarked envelope and other items pasted on adjacent pages, I think the family received these cards between 1910 and 1930. Some appear to be designed earlier. The card illustrated with a little girl in a red dress is dated 1906. Another card apparently became a ticket to sit at "table 2" during an event.
The final card was from Sarah's mother and sister, Alice Ada Cost Howe (1859-1939) and Leonora Alice Howe Kipping (1896 - 1967). I extend the same wish to you as I prepare to take time off to enjoy being with friends and family.

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Jim Dorris said...

Beautiful. Thank you.