Sunday, March 25, 2018

Carrollton School c1922: The Picture May Be Worth a Thousand Words, but It Raises a Lot of Questions

How wonderful to find an oversize photo of students at Carrollton (Kentucky) School, back when the school included all grade levels.

How frustrating that when Sarah Eva Howe Salyers pasted it into a scrapbook, she added no commentary – no date, no identifications, no story. Also, the photo was cut into sections so it would fit on a scrapbook page.

Today I share the photo with you and ask for any information you can supply. Maybe you recognize some faces and can supply some names or a date. The sections are ordered as they appear from left to right in the original image.

I have identified only one person, Sarah's daughter Mary Alice, and I marked her in the second image.

These questions come to mind:
1. When was the photo taken? We have clues. Based on dated photos we have of Mary Alice, she appears in this image to be about 12 years old. That dates the photo circa 1922. The clothing corresponds with styles worn at that time.The photographer's credit in the lower left of the first image says "Otto White, North Vernon, Ind." The same photographer took another photo in the same location (outside Carrollton School, according to a helpful reader) on Oct. 24, 1923. You can see that photo in the blog post dated August 20, 2017. Was this photo taken the same day? Was "picture day" an annual event? Why did the school hire a photographer from Indiana instead of a local photographer or one from Louisville or Cincinnati?

2. Mary Alice is in the photo, but where are her brothers? Jim was her twin; her older brother Bob would have been about 15 in 1922; David would have been about 7 years old. If I use my imagination, I can pick out boys who look a little like Jim and David, but that's mostly wishful thinking. Were none of the Salyers boys in school that day?

3. Who are these people? If you can name any of these students (or one of the few who appear to be school staff), please let me know. It's likely that some of these people are mentioned in Sarah's scrapbooks. Several could be related to Sarah, her husband William Levi Salyers, and her children. Many of them or their descendants could be living in Carrollton today.

What questions – or answers – come to your mind when you look at this group photo?

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